Zyklus Virtual Realities

Zyklus was formed by John L. Walters and Neil Ardley in 1988 with the aim of exploring the boundaries of composition and improvisation. It is a live electronic jazz orchestra producing both composed and semi-improvised music to inspire an improvising soloist. The Zyklus Midi Performance System - an amazing machine that enables a performer to control up to four synthesizers or samplers simultaneously - makes this possible, and the group is named after it. Walters, Ardley and Warren Greveson handle three MPS machines, and Ian Carr is the improvising soloist.


The album was recorded in 1991 and contains original compositions by Ardley, Greveson and Walters, notably Walters' ominous epic Before The Oil Ran Out, and an unusual Ardley-Greveson arrangement of Round Midnight in which the classic tune is taken to pieces and hauntingly reassembled note by note.


Tracks    [Total time 60.28]

Refracted Rainbow : No Score : Rooms : Enchanted Isle : I K Brunel : Round Midnight : Before The Oil Ran Out : Remembrances



Neil Ardley (keyboard, Zyklus MPS) : Warren Greveson (guitar, drum pad, Zyklus MPS) : John L. Walters (keyboard, Zyklus MPS, electronic wind instrument) : Ian Carr (trumpet, flugelhorn)