A prolific author, Neil Ardley wrote over 100 books.  They are listed here in reverse chronological order with their publisher and year. 

Most of them are available to purchase online and Amazon links have been provided.





101 Great Science Experiments Dorling Kindersley
2015 DK
Energy & Forces Oxford University Press 2002 Amazon
The New Way Things Work (with David Macaulay)
[a revised and updated edition of The Way Things Work 1988]
Dorling Kindersley 1998 Amazon
Oxford Children's A to Z of the Human Body (with Bridget Ardley) Oxford University Press 1996 Amazon
A Young Person's Guide to Music (with Poul Ruders) Dorling Kindersley 1995 Amazon
How Things Work Dorling Kindersley 1995/1999

Dictionary of Science
[republished as Concise Encyclopedia of Science]
Dorling Kindersley 1994/1998

101 Great Science Experiments Dorling Kindersley 1993/1998 Amazon
Lights Heinemann 1991 Amazon
Heat Heinemann 1991 Amazon
Electricity Heinemann 1991 Amazon
My Science series
1  Light Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
2  Water* Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
3  Colour* Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
4  Air Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
5  Growth Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
6  Magnets Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
7  Sound* Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
8  Electricity* Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
9  Energy Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
10 Senses Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
11   Machines Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
12   Hot and Cold Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
13   Movement Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
14   Weather Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
15   Gravity Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
Numbers Dorling Kindersley 1991-2 Amazon
How it Works Ladybird 1991 Amazon
Bits and Chips Pufiin 1991 Amazon
Tune In Puffin 1991 Amazon
Snap Happy Puffin 1990 Amazon
Wings and Things Puffin 1990 Amazon
Sound Waves and Music Gloucester Press 1990 Amazon
Language and Communications Gloucester Press 1989 Amazon
Oil Rigs Macmillan 1989 Amazon
Dams Macmillan 1989 Amazon
Bridges Macmillan 1989 Amazon
The Giant Book of the Human Body
(with David West)
Hamyln 1989 Amazon
Twentieth Century Science Wayland 1989 Amazon
Greece (with Bridget Ardley) Macmillan 1989 Amazon
India (with Bridget Ardley) Macmillan 1989 Amazon
Music [Eyewitness Guide] Dorling Kindersley 1989 Amazon
The World of the Atom Franklin Watts 1989 Amazon
Skin, Hair and Teeth (with Bridget Ardley) Macmillan 1988 Amazon
The Way Things Work (with David Macaulay)
[awarded The Science Book Prize 1989 and The Times Educational Senior Information Book Award 1989]
Dorling Kindersley 1988 Amazon
The Outer Planets Macmillan 1987 Amazon
The Inner Planets Macmillan 1987 Amazon
Exploring the Universe Macmillan 1987 Amazon
Music: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Hamlyn 1986 Amazon
The Science of Energy Macmillan 1985 Amazon
Just Look at the Universe Macdonald 1985 Amazon
Just Look at Flight Macdonald 1984 Amazon
My Favourite Science Encyclopedia Hamlyn 1984/7
Space Macdonald 1984 Amazon
ZX Spectrum + User Guide Dorling Kindersley 1984 Amazon
Computers Franklin-Watts 1983 Amazon
Computers Kingfisher 1983 Amazon
Action Science series      
1   Working With Water Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
2   Using the Computer
Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
3   Hot and Cold Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
4   Sun and Light Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
5   Making Metric Measurements Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
6   Exploring Magnetism Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
7   Discovering Electricity Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
8   Making Things Move Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
9   Air and Flight Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
10   Sound and Music Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
11   Simple Chemistry Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
12   Force and Strength Franklin Watts 1983-4 Amazon
The World of Tomorrow series
1   Transport on Earth
Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
2   Out Into Space Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
3   Tomorrow's Home Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
4   School, Work and Play Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
5   Future War and Weapons Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
6   Our Future Needs Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
7   Heath and Medicine Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
8   Fact or Fantasy? Franklin Watts 1981-2 Amazon
1001 Questions and Answers (with Bridget Ardley) Kingfisher 1981 Amazon
Our World of Nature Purnell 1981 Amazon
Stars Macdonald 1981 Amazon
Birds and Birdwatching Ward Lock 1980 Amazon
Guide to Birds Pan 1979 Amazon
Find out About Birds Purnell 1979 Amazon
Birds Macdonald 1978 Amazon
Man and Space Macdonald 1978 Amazon
Musical Instruments Macmillan 1978 Amazon
Birds of Britain and Europe Kingfisher 1978/1989 Amazon
Birdwatching (with Brian Hawkes) Macdonald 1978 Amazon
Let's Look at Birds Ward Lock 1977 Amazon
The Amazing World of Machines Angus & Robertson 1977
Wonders of the World Purnell 1976 Amazon
Birds of Coasts, Lakes and Rivers Almark 1976 Amazon
Atoms and Energy Sampson Low 1975 Amazon
Birds of the Country Almark 1975 Amazon
Birds of Towns Almark 1975 Amazon
Birds Sampson Low 1974
Space Macdonald 1971 Amazon
How Birds Behave Hamlyn 1971 Amazon
Life in the Open Sea Macdonald 1970 Amazon
Experiments with Heat Wolfe
1970 Amazon
Man on the Moon (with John Clark) IPC/Hamlyn 1969 Amazon

Neil Ardley was also a major contributor to

The Macmillan Children's Encyclopedia
André Previn's Guide to Music
Physics Today
The Dorling Kindersley Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia